The National Food and Nutrition Security Commission


To Coordinate and Advocate with all Sectors of the economy and other stakeholders on National Food and Nutrition Security matters, in order to improve the well-being and quality of life for all Belizeans.


The National Food and Nutrition Security Commission (N.F.N.S.C.) is a group of professionals (government and non- governmental organizations) working together to achieve the national food and nutrition security objectives. The commission was established in 2001, to serve as an advisory body to Cabinet on matters related to Food and Nutrition Security. Over all the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for chairing the Commission and providing oversight powers for policy and program implementation. Every year the National Food and Nutrition Security Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Agriculture Organization, partners to celebrate World Food Day. This event promotes worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diet.


Some of the activities performed are:

  1. Build capacity in the Commission to assist in the implementation of the Food and Nutrition Security Policy.
  2. Enhance the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship of all stakeholders involved in food and nutrition security.
  3. Raise awareness to the public by disseminating information to the public with respect to food and nutrition.
  4. Monitor and evaluate achievable plans recommended by all stakeholder to Cabinet Members in regards to food and nutrition situation of the country
  5. Establish functional linkages with other regional and international bodies involved with food and nutrition security.
  6. Promote adequate intake of micro and macro nutrients especially among women, children, the elderly and the most vulnerable.
  7. Ensure the development of sustainable, environmentally sound policies, plans and program for food and nutrition security.

Future Activities

  1. Expansion of Sustainable School Feeding Programs to the rest of the country.
  2. School Garden Trainings (MoE/MoA)
  3. Nutrition Education (MoE & MoH)
  4. Capacity building for Family Farming
  5. Governance workshop for MoA staff

Contact Information

Mr. Emilio Montero- Coordinator of N.F.N.S.C
Phone #: 828-4804
H.M Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.