Belize Agriculture Price Information System (BAPIS)

e European Union formally implemented the collection of agriculture market prices which was launched in January of 2010. Through this system the Department of Agriculture and its Policy Public/Private Sector Interface Unit (PPPIU) which includes the Agriculture Statistics Unit has implemented a good collaboration within retail sellers, farmers and stakeholders. In September 2012 the Ministry took responsibility for the implementation of the retail prices system now known as the Belize Agriculture Price Information System (BAPIS).

The importance of a Market Information System is vital not only for the formulation of a proper pricing policy and its successful implementation at a macro-level, but also for farmers to aid them in improving their marketing performance.  Moreover, this information can assist farmers to receive accurate, adequate and timely information on all aspects of crops traded which is essential to operate efficiently. This information will assist farmers in planning production and harvesting dates more accurately. It will also give guidance on time, place and price at which to sell produce. BAPIS will also assist traders and buyers to source their supply at reasonable costs which should yield the best returns.

Consumers can benefit from such information by the greater competition generated among the retailers and by a greater awareness of price conditions. The type of information needed by all persons include market prices obtained at farm gate, wholesale and retail points. Export and import market prices are also important.

Trading volumes are an important aspect of Market Information Systems as they are used to determine market prices through the demand versus supply equilibrium. The publication of weekly information on price and volume of produce is useful for a continual assessment of market strategies. This cumulative information is compiled on a monthly and annual basis that can give good indications of the performance of the produce over a period of time. Such information is being provided by the MAFFESD&I through BAPIS and therefore should be made use of by all farmers, traders and consumers.

The PPPIU through the Agriculture Statistics Unit would receive weekly retail prices from all six districts of Belize which include seven markets within the country. These Prices are collected by the Department of Agriculture Extension Officers. Prices are compiled by districts and an average price is being used to represent the tendency or projection of the prices by week.

The Policy Public/Private Sector Interface Unit and Agriculture Statistics Unit has official reports dating back from 2010 to present which were compiled from data handed over from BELTRAIDE.

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