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Forecasted Weather Effects August to October 2018 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N3d6JboMDdE1ndbxceyq0eYRkF_EmBbo/view?usp=sharing
Ministry of Agriculture Concludes its Regional Summer Camp for Youths Engaged in Agriculture The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Belmopan Police Department concluded their two weeks regional summer camp for Youths Engaged in Agriculture. The camp which lasted for two weeks had participants from the Cayo and Belize Districts. The Summer camp which[...]
Ministry of Agriculture Holds over the Central American Agricultural Council Pro Tempore Presidency The Ministry of Agriculture is currently holding over the Central American Agricultural Council Pro Tempore Presidency from July to December 2018. The Ministry of agriculture is a member of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC in Spanish) as one of the sub-organs of[...]
Packaging Materials Act No. 34 of 2017 – Customs and Excise Duties (Amendment) (No.2) Act2c 2017
Press Release
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Press ReleaseBananaAmendment to GST RegulationsLaunch of FAO ProjectSheep ProjectPotatoNATS 2018Banana Amendment to GST Regulations Government of Belize will not Proceed with Proposed Tax Increase on Agricultural Land Clearing Amendments-to-GST-Regulations-2018 Launch of FAO Project Sheep Project “Seed Trainer Workshop” for Genetic Improvement of the Sheep and Goat Project 2 Feb 2018 Feb 27th -TAIWAN EMBASSY PRESENTS[...]
The Caribbean Food Crops Society 54th Annual Meeting The Caribbean Food Crops Society in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture will be hosting there 54th Annual Meeting which will be held at the Ramada Hotel, Belize City, on July 8-13, 2018. This year theme is: Multi-functionality of Agriculture in the Caribbean Basin in Countries with Predominant Tourist[...]
World Food Day 2018
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