Monitoring & Evaluation Unit


To contribute to improved governance by monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the performance of agricultural projects, programmes and policies of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The Unit was formed in 2012 with the onset of the Ministry moving from line budgeting to Programme Budgeting.  The latter focuses on results based planning that requires reporting on outputs achieved with the resources invested, the outcome and impact that these will have on the livelihoods of people. The Unit has focused on providing support to projectize and monitor work plans. To facilitate this process, programme directors and coordinators actively participated in a Project Cycle Management training, conducted in May 2015 by Ten Step Method trainer Menno Valkenburg of the Nederland’s. The training exposed participants to the theory and practices in project cycle management. Equipped with this knowledge and the support of the M&E Unit, coordinators and programme directors have been developing projects for sponsorship.  Basic project and monitoring formats have also been developed and shared with officers in order to facilitate the M&E process within the Ministry.


Major activities include:

  1. Collect and provide information that will be used to determine efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of activities, work plans, projects and programs; and identify gaps and weakness in service provision
  2. Track progress on implementation of the National Agriculture and Food Policy (NAFP) 2015-2030
  3. Conduct training seminars in the new and updated monitoring and evaluation tools.
  4. Conduct schedule and un-scheduled checks on projects and activities (both locally and foreign funded) countrywide.
  5. Provide quarterly synopsis including PSIP reports on the performance and progress of agricultural projects.
  6. Provide technical support in project formulation.
  7. Actively participate in strategic planning meetings.

Future Activities

Continue strengthening the monitoring, evaluation and reporting system for programmes and projects of the Ministry.

Contact Information

Mr. Dwight Gillett, M&E Officer


Mr. Ricardo Thompson- Principal Agriculture Officer



  • Ministry of Agriculture Project Execution Unit
  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Finance and Partners in Development