What is the Belize Agriculture Information Management System (BAIMS)

The Belize Agriculture Information Management System (BAIMS) is a web-based application that serves as a central repository for all agriculture data. Data are used by farmers and policy makers to analyze agriculture data for proper timely decision making. BAIMS was developed by a local company, KYN Consulting from Corozal Town.

What Happens When a Farmer Registers!

A farmer who is registered under the Belize Agriculture Information Management System (BAIMS) is assigned a Farmer ID that is recognize by the Ministry of Agriculture. A Farmers ID is issued to a farmer after an Agriculture Officer registers the Farmer and visits the farm to collect and verify data.

Why is the data important?

Data obtained is crucial for the objective analysis of the agriculture sector’s contribution to the socio-economic development of Belize that includes GDP, national accounts and employment. The information received will also be used to:

  • Accurately identify farmers
  • Accurately identify farms by georeferencing their location
  • Project the demand and supply of products,
  • Link production to markets using the Virtual Trading Platform
  • Better deliver services to the farming community

In addition, the Ministry will take advantage of the technology available through Geographic Information Systems analysis to:

  • Use spatial data to evaluate, monitor and manage crop resources
  • Improve climate risk management which includes the rapid response and support to farmers in times of natural disaster
  • Design appropriate drainage and irrigation infrastructure
  • Implementation of disease surveillance systems
  • Monitor land use changes

How to register to the Belize Agriculture Information Management System?

To register you can fill out the application below and email to info@agriculture.gov.bz or visit your nearest District Agriculture Stations.


The contact information for the Agriculture District Stations are as follows:

Cayo District Agriculture Office: 804-2079

DAC Clifford Martinez: email: clifford.martinez@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mr. Mario Howe: mario.howe@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Miguel Balan: miguel.balan@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Jonathan Can: jonathan.can@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Jesse Madrid: jesse.madrid@agriculture.gov.bz

Ms. Melissa Balan: melissa.balan@agriculture.gov.bz


Belize District Agriculture Office #: 205-5088

DAC Mr. Jose Tillett: email: jose.tillett@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mr. Abraham Gonzales: email: abraham.gonzalez@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Vicente Tuyub: email: vicente.tuyub@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Francisco Xui: email: francisco.xui@agriculture.gov.bz


Corozal District Agriculture Office #: 402-2297

DAC Mr. Elsner Campos email: dac.cz@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mr. Andy Che- email:andy.che@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Carlos Martinez- email: carlos.martinez@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Emilio Perez- emilio:perez04@yahoo.com

Mr. Leonardo Eck-email: leonardo.eck@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Moises Prez-email: moad.perez@gmail.com


Stann Creek District Agriculture Office #: 502 – 2514

DAC Mr. Fred Roches – dacstanncreek@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mrs. Adelita Arzu- email: adelita.arzu@agriculture.gov.bz

Ms. Heidy Cob-email:

Mr. Marvin Blades- email: marvin.blades@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Andre Logan – email: andre.logan@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Edgar Tuyud- email: edgar.tuyud@agriculture.gov.bz


Toledo District Agriculture Office #: 702 – 2689

DAC Mr. Justaquio Tush – justaquio.tush@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mr. Victor Kuk-email: victor.kuk@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Adrian Mendoza-email: extofficer.to1@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Densford Mangar-email: densford.mangar@agriculture.gov.bz


Orange Walk District Agriculture Office #: 343-2019

DAC Mr. Barry Palacio – justaquio.tush@agriculture.gov.bz

Extension Officers

Mr. Miguel Huertas-email: miguel.huertas@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Franklin Padron-email: franklyn.padron@agriculture.gov.bz

Mr. Carlos Tzul- email: carlostzul@yahoo.com

Mr. Serjio Hernandez-email: sergio.hernandez@agriculture.gov.bz