Policy and Private Public Sector Interface


The goal of the Unit with the support of line ministries and private sector is to increase market development, access and penetration of Belize’s agricultural commodities. In addition the Unit performs an essential role in enhancing accountability, transparency and coordination within the Ministry.


The unit is considered the “The think tank of the Ministry.” It is responsible for steering the direction of the Ministry’s National Agricultural Food Policy (NAFP) 2015-2030 and ensuring that programs and activities implemented by the Ministry fulfill the policy objectives.


The following are the main activities lead by the Unit:

  1. Policy:
    a. Supports the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in monitoring the progress of the NAFP 2015-2030
    b. Recommends amendments to policy based on Stakeholder consultation and dialogue
  2. Agricultural Trade
    a. Contributes Agriculture positions in trade discussions both at the international and regional level. Represents Agriculture at CARICOM (COTED) and in Central American relations such as (PSA Belize Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador).
    b. Holds Public/ Private sector dialogues and creates Working Groups to ensure the needs of farmers and producers are addressed.
  3. Statistics
    a. The Unit is responsible for the monitoring, compilation and dissemination of Agricultural Data of major agricultural commodities.
    b. This year the Ministry is embarking on the implementation of an IDB supported project which is aimed at strengthening the Agricultural data collection system of the Ministry. The output of the project will include the development of a farmer and farm registry, a National Agricultural Statistical System (NASS) and Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) that uses FAO data standards. It is expected that with the development of the database system users will have access to timely, reliable figures for the purpose of agricultural forecasting and planning.
    c. Write reports, present on challenges and forecasted developments in Agriculture to private and public sectors.


The following are data that can be obtained from the Unit:

  1. Agriculture trade ( export and imports, quantity and value
  2. Trimester and yearly Production Data ( acres and yields)
  3. Quarantine statistics ( agriculture crops, imports/exports, quantity and value)
  4. Agriculture Input prices ( fertilizers and chemicals)
  5. Agriculture market prices ( retail and wholesale for grains, legumes, vegetables and meat)
  6. Marine production ( conch, whole fish, lobsters and fillet fish)
  7. Stock data ( grains and legumes and sugar, wheat flour)
  8. Agriculture production cycle
  9. Major production locations ( commodity, district, village)
  10. Contact information of major producers and farmers

Contact Information

Ms. Milagro Matus, Policy Analyst
Phone #: 828-5096
H.M Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.
Work#: 828-5098 ext.#:85096

Mr. Phillip Tate, Agriculture Statistician 2
Phone #: 822-2648
National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds Headquarters

Mr. Alfonso Bautista, Statistician
Phone #: 822-2648
National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds Headquarters

Mr. Gregorio Canto, Statistical Analyst
Phone #: 822-2648
National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds Headquarters

Ms. Catherine Hob, Information Officer
Phone #: 828-4804
H.M Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.