To increase production, income generation and food security capacity among targeted small producers.


The Ministry of Agriculture crop program was design to strengthen and diversify the production of selected high value commodities in order to stimulate economic opportunities for farm families. The program serve as a germ plasm bank to supply stock seeds (rice, corn and beans), agro-forestry trees (Mahogany, Cedar Teak, Zericote and Mayflower), grafted and non-grafted fruit trees (pine apple, mango, avocado, coconut, cashew, plantains, soursop etc.) to small farmers.

The crop section is divided into three subsections, the fruit trees, the agro forestry and the grains section. The program itself has assisted farmers in relief from natural disaster and other related natural phenomenal. The surplus of each sub-sections is sold for income generation for the unit.


Some of the activities provided by the units are:

  1. Training in plant propagation, crop production and management of fruit trees to farmers.
  2. Provide technical support to farmers in assorted fruit trees and grains thru the Extension Service.
  3. Provide Production of planting material like corn beans rice, coconut and other fruits trees.
  4. Provide Capacity Building for Producers and Technical Personnel.
    Increase the availability of new varieties of coconuts for farmers.
  5. Provide a variety of propagated planting material like banana, plantain and pineapples.
  6. Provide field days to small farmers on production of corn, beans and rice for seed commercialization.

Future Activities

  1. Enhancement of quality, open pollinated seed supply (corn, beans and rice) for small producers.
  2. Continue the development of Coconut in Belize.

Contact Information

Mr. Manuel Trujillo-National Crop Coordinator

Mr. David Nabet- Extension Officer Crop


  • PCB
  • Taiwan Technical Mission
  • BAHA