Export of Crude Soybean Oil

On the 25th of March 2019, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, the Belize Agriculture Health Authority and the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation facilitated discussions between private sector representatives, from Little Belize, Ship Yard, Blue Creek and Spanish Lookout and the Jamaican distribution and a regional manufacturing company Seprod. The Seprod team consisted of CEO, Richard Pandoaie and three colleagues.

Discussions between the two groups revolved around Seprod’s interests in purchasing more soybean from Belize for soybean oil and soybean meal production to produce a wholly CARICOM product. Discussions also considered the potential of corn. 

On January, 2019, Belize for the first time exported five (5) containers of crude soybean oil to Seprod, Jamaica. Seprod refined the product and in turn exported it to Belize branding it as “Lider” a 100% Soya Bean GMO free product. 

The Ministry of Agriculture is actively supporting the partnership between private sector entities, engaging regional trade and investment.